Adam Slatniske Discusses the Nonprofit Organization Inspiring The Way And What They Do

Philanthropy is beneficial for all parties involved, including the individuals receiving assistance and those doing the assisting. Adam Slatniske has been volunteering for multiple charities nearly his entire life. He recently discussed the Christian nonprofit organization Inspiring the Way and what they do for the local community.

Inspiring the Way is a nonprofit organization located in Maryland. This organization doesn’t just focus on one way of volunteering; it also connects individuals with volunteer opportunities at other charity events. Inspiring the Way puts on an abundance of charity events as well, giving all proceeds to local organizations. Common charity events created by Inspiring the Way include professional photography events, crab feasts, oyster roasts, and more.

Inspiring the Way donates proceeds from these events to local organizations and more.

“At Inspiring the Way, we believe that everyone has potential to change the world,” Adam Slatniske said. “The overall goal is to help families throughout Maryland by organizing a variety of charity events. Through these events, we are able to donate to reputable organizations in the area. Being a part of Inspiring the Way is as simple as donating your time to help these businesses succeed.”

Adam Slatniske explained that the organization is unique because it doesn’t focus on just one effort. Instead, it focuses on getting as much money to these more specialized organizations as possible. The end goal is to help families throughout Maryland and beyond with medical needs, financial support, housing, food, and more.

“Inspiring the Way is lead by Christians and driven by Christian ideals, as we believe that we use God’s strength to guide us toward helping the community become stronger than ever before,” Adam Slatniske said. “God inspires us to give back to our community no matter what tribulations we may be facing personally.”

Adam V. Slatniske explained there are many ways you can get involved in helping this organization. One of the easiest ways is to call or log online and offer a donation. However, you don’t have to provide a monetary donation to take part. Individuals are encouraged to join the Inspiring the Way team by helping put on charity events across the state of Maryland. Each person’s strengths, whether you’re a graphic designer, event planner, or excellent at customer service, can add something to the social events created by Inspiring the Way.

“Our Inspiring the Way team is growing drastically, and we’d like you to become a part of it,” Adam Slatniske finished. “Together, we can make our local communities and the entire state of Maryland better places to live.”

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